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We are a leading independent energy company with an attractive portfolio of oil and gas fields in Argentina engaged in the development, production and exploration of natural gas and crude oil. And, based on wellhead production, we are the sixth-largest gas producer in Argentina. Substantially all of our production and exploration activities are focused across the Austral on-shore basin in the province of Santa Cruz in the southern part of the country. Importantly, we are the largest gas producer in the onshore Austral basin, with a total of 8.3 million gross acres and 6.5 million net acres. We operate or hold interests in 40 oil and gas fields across twelve blocks in the Austral basin, one block in the Neuquen basin and one block in the Northwestern basin. Additionally, we have significant investments in a network of pipelines in northern and central Argentina. In 2018, this network of pipelines represented 40% of the gas transportation market in Argentina and consisted of an aggregate total length of over 7,300 km of pipeline with a delivery capacity of approximately 60 million MMm3/d.

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CGC is a leading company in the Argentine energy industry